Mixed In Key 5.0

Mixed In KeyMixed In Key is award-winning DJ software that gives you the #1 technique of the world's best DJ's – harmonic mixing.

What is Harmonic Mixing? It's mixing one track with the next without a key
clash.  With harmonic mixing, you can create unusual mash-ups (The Beatles vs.
Jay-Z), or just enjoy flawless mixing with the latest tracks from your favorite

To use harmonic mixing, you need to know the key of every song you play. Mixed
In Key software scans your entire music collection and displays key results in
our easy-to-use Camelot notation (ex: 4A, 6B).  It shows you which songs are compatible for flawless mixing. 

From there, you can use Mixed In Key with Serato, Traktor, Ableton Live, CD-Js and
all other DJ software and hardware.  Mixed In Key shows you the key
results, and you choose how to mix the songs together.

We just released Version 5.0 – this is a perfect time to get started. 

Are you ready to mix like David Guetta, Dubfire,
Paul Oakenfold and many more?

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